Observation Kit started as a quest for knowledge that would support and enrich life’s many adventures—when the road gets rocky or when we’re cruising with ease. As that mindful adventure unfolded, so did the collection of stories and lessons learned from wise teachers both past and present, from Buddhist monks to professional athletes. Inspired by their words, OK’s visual translations have been packaged into a handy kit that’s always available, rain or shine.

Meditation and mindfulness can often seem heady, maybe hard to grasp. But some of our most profound experiences on this earth can be found in the seemingly mundane. This kit is filled with unique but simple objects designed to help ground us and build toward a life more keenly observed.

We hope this kit will inspire and help you on your own journey toward discovering mindfulness, from the every day to the most epic day. As you pay closer attention to all that is within and around you, we hope you will find it easier to be more present, patient, and compassionate toward yourself and others.