The Stars in Our Bread

The Stars in Our Bread.

Object:  Bread Slice

Teacher:  Thich Nhat Hanh

Try This:  Simple Mindfulness

Observation:  “When we practice mindfulness, we naturally become more attuned to the planet.

When we eat a piece of bread mindfully, we see the Earth, the sun, the clouds, the rain, and the stars in our bread. Without these elements, the bread wouldn’t exist. We see that the entire cosmos has come together in this one piece of bread.

The food we eat is a gift from the Earth. When you take a bite of bread or a sip of tea, do it with awareness. Your mind shouldn’t be somewhere else, thinking about your job or planning for the future.

A few seconds is all it takes to generate mindfulness and concentration, which lead to the insight that the piece of bread in your hands is a real miracle, containing the whole universe; you see that the bread is an ambassador of the cosmos. Without mindfulness, we can still derive some nourishment from the bread, but when we’re truly, deeply in touch with the bread, we’re nourished by the entire universe.”

Source: Love Letter to the Earth Parallax Press