Rocking the Boat

Rocking the Boat.

Object:  The Boat

Teacher:  George Mumford

Try This:  Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Observation:  “Waves only wreak havoc on the surface, or on a very small part of the vast ocean. Most of the ocean is unimaginably spacious, calm, and deep. In the vastness of this space, things that seem gigantic and dangerous on the surface dissipate and even seem inconsequential. There is distance and objectivity—even intelligence, because intelligence is present when you see things from a larger perspective. Mindfulness helps us to “be like water” in this way and to truly understand that whatever waves are rocking our personal boats—or whatever stresses or challenges are flying our way in the practice of our sport—we have a choice to reconnect to that deep place within at all times and to act from that space between stimulus and response. In so doing, we aren’t tossed around by those waves. We see them for what they are. There is great power and wisdom in this.”

Source: The Mindful Athlete George Mumford

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