Lift and Repeat

Lift and Repeat.

Object:  Dumbell

Teacher:  Terrance Keenan

Try This:  Mindfulness for Beginners Meditation

Observation:  “Doing [meditation]... is like going to the gym. When you first go... everything is hard. After a few weeks [it] becomes easy and you move on to more challenging things. But if you stop, you get out of shape again... You simply have to keep at it. Further, you don't go to the gym merely to see how much you can bench-press or how fast you can run. You do these things to that when you are in the world... your heart and muscles are in condition...

You likewise sit in [meditation] so that when you are in the world you are more clear-headed, openhearted, energized to take on the anomalies of life with equanimity."

Source: St. Nadie in Winter: Zen Encounters with Loneliness, Wisdom Publications